Nursery Mrs Miller

Here is a link to the Incy Wincy Spider games we were playing on the interactive whiteboard when you visited class today.

Welcome back to a new year in Nursery. It has been wonderful to welcome old and new children, we have been very impressed by the children's attitude and behaviour.

Here is some examples of what we have achieved in our first 2 weeks at nursery.

IMG 8252 Oakley used a variety of objects in our maths area whilst sorting, he decided the easiest way to sort them was by colour.

IMG 8208We have been trying to hold our pencil in the correct grip and draw a face using circles and lines.

IMG 8168We found the cutting table and we are learning to make snips in papers.

IMG 8157 Amy found the whiteboard and pens and then showed us how she can draw circles.

IMG 8151Logan used natural and found objects to make a face.


IMG 8261We have learnt to name different parts of the body. We used some of these body parts to make silly faces.


This half term we will be focusing on:

Communication and language:

Listening to others in conversation in one to one situations and small groups.

Follow a set of instructions.

Joining in with some Nursery rhymes.


Drawing lines and circles

Help putting my coat and shoes on.

Personal and Social:

Taking turns and sharing.


Saying some number names in order.

Sorting groups of objects.


To recognise my name.