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Welcome to Class 14's page

 Welcome back to the Summer term!

This term our topic focus will be 'how do things grow?'. We will be exploring what can grow, how things grow and even having a go at trying to grow our own plants ourselves. We are also lucky enough to have some new visitors to our class this term, five friendly caterpillars that will be helping us to explore growth as they transition into butterflies. 

In literacy we will be moving on to a new 'Power of Reading' text titled 'On Sudden Hill' through this we will be exploring the fantastic possibilities that a simple cardboard boxes possess. We will be imagining and then creating different things with boxes and working on our phonics and writing skills through beginning to independently label and write short simple sentences about this.

In Math's we will be exploring practical addition and subtraction using numbers that total up to 20. We will also be ensuring that all children are confident counters and can recognise their numbers to 20.  


We think that this term will fly by and with more exciting days to add to our dates to remember section make sure that you check this page each week for photographs of what we have been up to, news and general updates.

Dates to remember: 

Friday 18th May - R/ Yr 1 trip to Bressingham Steam Museum 

Thursday 21st June - Class 14 assembly 

Friday 29th June - Sports Day 




Here are some of the things that we have been up too:

Check this area each week for updates! 

We have been turned into 'numberheroes' to complete Maths challenges in order to win coins from the evil numbers who have stolen these from our classroom! The children have really enjoyed making masks, capes and designing themselves a superhero outfit. They really loved completing the challenges dressed in their outfits! We have also been looking at what animals live within our local area and compared these to animals that we might find in other parts of the world. We made mixed up animals collages using different parts of animals bodies and discussed whether each animal used would be able to live within Suffolk or not. The children found this hysterical to create cats with birds bodies and giraffes heads. 

P1010306   P1010289   P1010281   P1010260


We have been focusing on counting in Maths. We have been challenging each other to see who can build the tallest tower and working together to count the number of bricks. We have also been using numicon to help aid our counting skills, some of us have even started matching the numicon to the correct number card.

P1010238    P1010234    P1010206 

In literacy we have been working on hearing initial sounds. We played splat the sound to help us to hear the first sound within a word. 

  P1010133    P1010144

We have also been on a hunt around our school grounds. We hunted in the woodland to find pictures of areas of Leiston and pictures from around the world. The children worked in pairs to identify where the picture was from and recorded this onto their tally chart. 

P1010252      P1010253


We have been focusing on writing and learning to recognise our own name. We have been name writing everywhere... with our fingers in paint, in the sand, to say that we have had our snack, in the air and within our writing area. We have also been painting our houses. We thought carefully about how many windows our house has, how many doors and what colours make up our houses. We then compared these to each others houses as a class and tried to find some houses within our local area on google maps to compare this as well. 

We had our 'big curriculum launch day' where parents were invited in to share in some of the curricular activities the children will be exploring over this half term. We had lots of fun finding hidden animals in the green jelly - even if we did all get very sticky and make the floor slippery!! We also made animal masks, explored our local area and used the bee-bots. 


We also were lucky enough to have the Suffolk library service in to have a book cafe with us. We enjoyed a range of books and got to eat some biscuits and rice cakes too. We all got to borrow a book to enjoy at home. 

P1010104  P1010105  P1010106

We have also been working on our counting skills. We played counting games to see who could collect the most amount of bears. 

P1010072  P1010078  P1010070

W/C 11th September. 

This week we have been getting to know each other by decorating a biscuit for someone else within the class. We discussed what type of questions we could ask our partner to find out what decorations they would like on their biscuit. The children then all gave out their biscuits to the person they had made it for and said why they had made it for them. They all had lots of fun getting covered in icing sugar but even more enjoyment came from eating them at the end of the day!! 

P1010080       P1010085

We have also been on a sensory path this week exploring and discussing the different textures of lentils, feathers, stones, cotton wool and conkers. The children particularly enjoyed getting messy and exploring shaving form and cornflour gloop between their fingers (some of us even managed to get this in our hair!)

P1010064   P1010067   P1010069

Key information:

Homework: Each week your child will receive a short homework task to complete, this activity will vary from week to week and should take no longer than twenty minutes. Examples of homework include practicing number and letter formation, a short design or craft activity or an activity that you can enjoy with your child. Homework will be given out every Friday and must be handed in by the following Tuesday.  

Reading/Library books: We will be visiting our school library every Wednesday. The children will be able to select a book to bring home for the week for you to enjoy with them, this must be returned back to school the following Wednesday to ensure that we can issue you with a new book to enjoy for the following week. Reading books have been given out this week. Books will be changed each time your child completes a book so remember to record how much you have read, page numbers and a general comment of how your child has got on with their book each time you read with them so we know when to change them. Ideally reading will be done daily even if this is only a few pages or minutes. Your child will also be read with at school. Remember to check the front of your reading record books or speak to Miss Jordan for early reading strategies. If any parents helpers would like to volunteer and listen to readers each week then please see Miss Jordan. 

PE: Reception have free flow access to our classroom's outdoor area where in which they have lots of opportunities to move, explore and develop their physical skills. In addition to this class 14 will also have a set PE lesson every Wednesday afternoon. Please ensure that your child has suitable PE kit ready for both indoor and outdoor sessions and that both their school uniform and PE kit is fully named. 

Read Write Inc: We have already kicked off our term by starting our Read, Write, Inc. programme and are beginning to learn our set 1 sounds along with some help from Fred the frog! This week your child should bring a phonics pack home, in which support, tips and sound sheets will be given to help aid your child through learning initial sounds and supporting early reading.  Please support your child at home by using their green or yellow sound books that will be given within the pack (these will be updated daily so that you are aware of the sounds that your child has learnt). Every few days your child will also be coming home with some green speedy words in their phonics folder that we will be using in the scheme that week. Please help your child learn to read this and note how they get on in their reading diaries. Please make sure the book and the phonics folder is in their book bags everyday. We look forward to seeing the rapid progress that the children will make!