Sports Premium

Leiston Primary School Sports Premium Money

Each year the school receives approximately £9000 from central government to develop sport and physical activity in the school. Below is a plan of how we intend to spend the money this year as well as a short review of the impact of money from the previous year.

Sports Premium 2017/18

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Sports Premium 2016/17

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Review of 2015/16






Development and training


P.E. co-ordinator went on the annual P.E. conference at Newmarket Race Course. This highlighted the areas the school needed to address in order to become outstanding. 

Increasing provision


More children took part in lunch and after school clubs which resulted in increased participation across a variety of sports. We also had our most successful year, making two county finals and finishing second in three tournaments. 

Increasing Provision


Every pupil from years 3 and 4 received swimming lessons over the course of the year. 

Widening opportunities

£700 approx

We offered a range of academy competitions for all year groups. This gave every child in the school the opportunity to represent the school in a sports competition.

Raising attainment


6 Ipad's were bought for our KS2 teachers to use as an assessment tool in P.E. The video feedback gave pupils the opportunity to review and assess their work as they could see their performance. This had a positive impact on their progress. 

Widening opportunities


Year 6 were offered weekly yoga sessions. This had a positive impact on their learning as it improved their concentration, health and well-being. We also offered every child in the school the opportunity to take part in a micro-scooter activity. 

Review of 2014 / 15



£2100 Lunchtime clubs put in place 2 days a week

More children engaging in a variety of sports – mainly multi skill based.

£2000 approx

Increased after school provision and offered funded places to engage more children in a greater range of sports to include fencing, Kwiksticks hockey as well as football, gymnastics etc


Providing a zoned playground in KS 2 to enable ball games, climbing and other games to go on at the same time in the playground (worked with the PTA on this and they contributed approximately £8000) This has enable more children to get involved in physical activity in playtimes  / lunchtimes


Release time to enable the sports leader to work towards a cross academy sports offer that will be in place from September 2015. This aims to ensure that pupils experience a wider variety of sports as well as engage in more competitive matches


Setting up and training for the golden mile to encourage children to set goals and to improve their personal best whilst increasing the amount of activity they had


Engaging in the local sports partnership and enabling pupils to get involved in some inter-school tournaments.