Early Years and Year 1

Welcome to the Early Years at Leiston Primary School!

Members of staff:

Class 14:

Miss A Jordan – Class teacher
Mrs Hambling – Teaching Assistant
Mrs Littler – Teaching Assistant

Class 13:

Miss G Wells – Class teacher
Mrs J Dale – Teaching Assistant

Class 12:

Ms J. Wright – Class Teacher (Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday)
Mrs H. Daynes – Class Teacher (Thursday, Friday)
Mrs C. Meadows - Teaching Assistant
Miss S. Linsell – Teaching Assistant

Other adults:

Mr L. Calver – PE teacher
Ms S. Purkiss – Wednesday afternoons
Mrs H. Hammond - Wednesday afternoons.

English expectations this half term:

All children will be exploring our first Power of Reading book, which will be revealed later in the term. As part of this all children will learn to respond to illustrations, identify how characters are feeling, give opinions, research facts and retell stories.

There are also specific English objectives each year group will learn...

Year 1:

The children will be working towards writing a story with a familiar setting. This will include:
• Understanding how to write a sentence
• Using finger spaces to separate words
• Naming the letters of the alphabet
• Correct letter formation – including sitting position, pencil grip and number formation.


The children in Reception will be working towards...
• Recognising and writing their own names.
• Giving meaning to the marks they make
• Linking sounds to the letters of the alphabet
• Identifying rhyming strings.


We are learning all about numbers and their value this half term. Children in both year groups will be learning to sort and count objects, identify one more/one less, compare numbers and ordinal numbers.
We give all children the opportunity to deepen their understanding through investigation and reasoning.

All other subjects:

Science: Materials and their properties
History: Changes in toys
Geography: Where I live...
Art: Textiles – creating a shared art work, representing ourselves
Music: Playing tuned and un-tuned instruments
RE: Christianity – Believing
Computing: We are collectors!

Key Information:

PE KITS: Please make sure PE kits are in school on a Tuesday and Wednesday.
WATER BOTTLES: Please make sure these are named.
HOMEWORK: Each week your child will come home with a Maths or English game to play. These practise key skills and should be repeated throughout the week. A new game will be sent home on a Wednesday, please return it the following Wednesday so it can be swapped regularly.

The first week back...


We have been exploring our new learning environment, settling in and making new friends and learning how to work together and get on as a class.

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