Welcome to our year in Nursery. 


We are very pleased to welcome you to Nursery and look forward to getting to know you all and seeing the progress your children make over the next year. 

Members of the team:

Nursery Teacher - Mrs Miller

Early years practitioner - Miss Chatten-Berry


Expectations by the end of the year:

 The children in Nursery will be working towards: 

Communication, Language and Literacy

  • To use a range of sentences to communicate meaning and beginning to join these with and, because. 
  • Asking and answering a range of questions, including how and why.
  • Use a range of tenses in his speech. 

Physical development:

  • Uses one handed tools and equipment safely. (e.g making snips in paper with scissors)
  • Can copy some letters of their name.
  • Holds a pen near point between first two fingers and thumbs and has good control. 
  • Get themselves dressed - arms in coat, legs in trousers or skirt, put own shoes and socks on.

Personal and Social Development:

  • Be confident to talk to others in a range of situations. 
  • Show understanding and cooperate with some boundaries. 
  • Begin to accept the needs of others and take turns and share. 


  • Listen to stories with increasing attention and recall. 
  • Begin to be aware of how stories are structures=d and name main characters and settings. 
  • Recognize rhyme and rhythm in words. 
  • Make meaningful marks and talk about what they have draw or written.


  • Recite numbers in order to 10. 
  • Match numerals and amounts correctly. 
  • Show an interest in number problems. 
  • Know that numbers identify how many objects are in a set. 
  • Use positional language.
  • Show an awareness of similarities of shapes in the environment. 


Understanding the world:

  • Remember and talk about significant events in their lives and the lives of people who are important to them. 
  • Know some of the things that make them unique and talk about their similarities and differences. 
  • Talk about the things they have observed - animals, plants, natural and found objects.
  • Talk about why things happen and work. 
  • Show care and concern for living things and the environment.
  • Show an interest in technological toys. 

Art and design: 

  • Sing a few familiar songs.
  • Explore colours and how colors can be changes. 
  • Name all my colours. 
  • Join construction pieces together to build and balance.
  • Engages in imaginative role-play based on own experiences. 


Spring topic:

Whizz, Pop, Bang

Knowledge and Understanding: Talk about why things happen and how things work

Numeracy: To show curiosity about numbers by offering comments or asking questions

Literacy: To know information can be relayed in the form of print

Communication and Language: To begin to understand "why" and "how" questions

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: To begin to accept the needs of others and take turns and share resources. 


Autumn topic:

 All about me.  


Knowledge and Understanding: To talk about what is important to them and what makes them special. They will learn how people of different cultures live and the similarities and differences between these cultures and their own. 

Numeracy: We will be learning to say number names in order and use these spontaneously in our play.  

Literacy: we will be learning to listen and join in with stories and rhymes in small groups. 

Communication and Language: We will be learning to other one to one and in small groups. 

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: To learn the rules and boundaries of our new classroom. 


What you can do to help your child at home:

Your child will come home with a home learning book, this is a chance for you to see what your child's individual targets. We will also put in some simple questions for you to ask your children these are normally silly questions that get the children to think and use their imagination. For example if you could have any animal come to tea, who would it be? 


Reading is a fantastic way to help your children develop their communication and language skills, the more their hear, the more they will say. 


Counting when you are around the home or out and about, count chairs, stairs, doors, colors, toys, cars anything you can think of to count will help them develop their mathematical thinking. 

If you would like any games to play with your child please ask, we have a selection that you can borrow.


Key information:

Please remember to provide your child with a spare set of named clothes in case they get wet outside or have an accident.

We ask that you provide nappy bags or a carrier bag that their wet clothes can be put in please. 

Our first week in Nursery: 



This week we have learnt to leave our grown ups and make new friends in class! Although their has been a few tears we have been very impressed with how quickly the children are settling into their new routines. Well done to everyone (both children and parents!) for making this such a positive start to the school year.  

We have explored our new classroom and the resources that we can play with.