Year 2 and Year 3

Welcome to the new school year! We hope that you've had a restful and enjoyable summer!!

Meet the teachers in Y2 and Y3:

Class 8 - Miss Murkett

Class 9 - Mr Bosher

Class 10 - Miss Otter


Classes will be supported by:

Mrs Rolph

Mrs Golding

Mrs Heath

Miss Meikle


P.E and Swimming:

P.E for all classes will be on a 3 week rotation timetable on either a Monday or Friday. 

P.E Kit
Top Purple logo t-shirt
Bottom Black shorts and in the colder weather a track suit or leggings.
Footwear Plimsolls for indoors and trainers for outside


• It is county and national policy that no jewellery is to be worn for any physical activities in school.
• Children therefore should not wear earrings etc on P.E. days
• All jewelry, including watches, earrings etc, must be removed for all Physical Education activities by the child.
• If your child has recently had his/her ears pierced please supply two plasters to cover the earrings during P.E.


Children in Year 3 will start swimming the summer term. 

For swimming children will need a towel, swim suit (no bikinis please), swimming shorts and goggles (if required). Children will also need their own swimming hats.

These lessons are a fantastic opportunity to become more confident in the water, so please remember your swimming kit every Tuesday.


In Maths we will be following the White Rose Scheme of work which focuses on developing reasoning and fluency techniques. Every Maths lesson will begin with some sort of counting and will always include an element of reasoning. In addition to a Maths lesson children will also complete 8 Maths questions daily in the morning to reinforce any methods they have been learning. This term we will be finishing addition and subtraction and then starting multiplication and division. 


In English we will be using our Power of Reading book to support and develop our Writing and Reading skills. Our Power of Reading book will be linked to our topic and will be revealed to the class soon! In addition to the English lesson, reading workshop will also be completed daily where children will get to improve and develop their reading and comprehension skills.

Year 2/3 Curriculum:

Our first topic for the Spring term is Adventurously Adventurous Adventures and Mysteriously Mysterious Mysteries!

History - Ancient Greeks

Art/DT - Impressionists and Materials

Computing - We Are Opinion pollsters

P.E - Gymnastics 

R.E - Hinduism

Music - Exploring rhythmic patterns

MFL - Greetings and numbers (year 3 only)

Science - Animals and Humans