Year 6


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Students, parents, teachers, what an action packed first term of the academic year it has been.

We've had pickets and protests, residential trips and reading comprehension slips and worked so, so, so hard, but as Spring creeps over the horizon we move into a term full of adventures, battles, trials and tribulations. As we go on a worthwhile journey through Ancient Greece, following Odysseus as he ventures to attempt to reach home.

Mathematical Wizardry in abundance as we continue to become masters of arithmetic and reasoning in the final leap into what awaits us in the summer.

On our quest for discovery, we will be joined by Bruno and his inquisitive mind will lead us to find out what is really on the other side of the fence.

Many thanks for everyone's continued support, I've got a feeling that this is going to be a one of a kind term.

All the best,

Your Year 6 Team.