Welcome to the Friends of Leiston Primary School (FOLPS) page.

We aim to provide you with information on all the activities the Friends undertakes in support of Leiston Primary School and its pupils, as well as keeping you up-to-date on our latest news, events and fundraising plans.

Leiston Primary School Friends is a voluntary organisation and an association of which ALL parents and guardians of children attending Leiston Primary School (nursery and primary) as well as its teaching staff, are effectively members. Members are entitled to attend meetings, vote on proposals and make suggestions for spending or raising funds.

The Friends Committee always welcomes and encourages new members, to ensure there is a breadth of representative opinions from all year groups and also to capitalise on the talents, skill sets and experience of our parents and staff.

Meeting new people, knowing more about what goes on in Leiston, having a say in how money should be allocated, and making a difference to the pupil’s experience at Leiston Primary school are just some of the benefits you will gain by being involved.

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