Design and Technology

Design & Technology

At Leiston we endeavour to teach our children to become creative and innovative thinkers and problem solvers.

Throughout the school pupils are taught the skills to safely use a range of materials and equipment, including ICT based software and food.

In Early years the focus is on exploring the world around them and developing the gross and fine motor skills the children need to successfully approach the Key Stage one curriculum. Within Key stage 1 and 2, pupils complete design tasks that allow progression of skills and focus on cooking and nutrition, materials, textiles, electrical and electronics, construction, mechanics and computing.

Many units are designed to reflect the themes being taught within year groups and children are encouraged to make suggestions, evaluate and improve their designs during all parts of the process. The suggested tasks support the children’s developing understanding and skills and ensure each child explores a diverse range of products and where possible visitors are invited in to share their expertise with the children in order to provide meaningful and exciting learning experience.


Long Term Plan

Skill progression

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Design and Technology in the Early Years

Exploring construction and nutrition through play...

IMG 5533 1IMG 4519 1

Key Stage One 

Year 2 designed and made their own soups...

IMG 1011  IMG 0045 2  IMG 0045 1  IMG 0041  IMG 0038 1  

 Year 1 used paint or ICT to design and make calendars...

IMG 1008   IMG 1007

They also made moving pictures using springs, sliders and pivots...

IMG 1047  IMG 1046  IMG 1045  IMG 1044IMG 1043  IMG 1042  IMG 1041


Key Stage Two

Year 3 have designed and made their own moving Easter pictures. They explored different mechanisms then adapted them so they met the Easter theme.


IMG 0483  IMG 0504  IMG 0493


They have also been busy designing and making bunting to teach the Reception children about counting. They thought carefully about the colour and shapes they used to help show the younger children not only what the number looked like but its value too. They had to show great perseverance when learning how to stitch neatly, attach material and thread a needle!

IMG 0683        IMG 0675           IMG 0672       IMG 0666IMG 0664