Eleven before Eleven!

At Leiston Primary we have implemented a new program of school trips and visits that includes 'eleven before eleven.' These are eleven specific outings and experiences that the children will have before they leave school at the end of Year six. The trips include visiting different places of worship, visiting the capital city and going to see a classical concert among others. The full list is attached below. As well as these trip we aim to enrich our curriculum by having visits or visitors at least half termly which aids our children in producing work of even greater quality.

Eleven Before Eleven



Year Group

  • Train journey
  • Seaside visit


Early Years

  • Visit a castle
  • Attend live theatre outside Leiston


Year 1

  • Eat a meal at a restaurant 


Year 2

  • Visit two non-Christian places of worship
  • Attend  a classical children’s concert


Year 3

  • Visit London


Year 4

  • Overnight camping trip


Year 5

  • Visit  a university (eg UEA, Cambridge)
  • Experience challenging outdoor activities (high ropes, caving etc)


Year 6

All year groups to run a small business over two terms at least twice in their primary school career.