Our ethos...

History is about events that have taken place in the past, whether it is 100 years ago or last week. It is also about people: people from this country and from other countries around the world. It is about their actions, the reasons for them and the evidence that remains of them. It is about changes that have occurred and the causes and consequences of these changes. In short, History is about the relationship between the past and the present and the skills developed through historical enquiry have a wide application to everyday life and promote responsible citizenship.

History at Leiston Primary School aims to:

● Equip our children to be able to ask and answer perceptive questions based on their own interests in the different historical topics that are covered.
● For children to be able to develop the skills of historical research by using different sources of information (including artefacts, books, photographs and ICT).
● For children to develop an understanding about the passing of time and to then can put historical periods and major events in chronological order.
● To allow children to develop an interest and understanding of their own lives, and how their lives are different from those people that have lived in the past.
● To respect the values and cultures of people represented in the past and present.
● To develop skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation and presentation.
● To work individually and cooperatively, listening to and valuing the opinion of others.

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Some examples of learning in history at Leiston (Curriculum Year 2017/18)...


Year 1

The children in Year 1 have been learning about the commemorative festivals of Guy Fawkes and Remembrance Sunday. They explored the history behind the special days, sequenced events, created art work and responded thoughtfully during discussions.


IMG 2166   IMG 2163   IMG 2157



Year 2 have been learning about the history of transport. They have been on two trips to support their learning - The Honda Museum in Leiston and the Transport Museum in Lowestoft. The children had a great time learning about the changes in transport and staff at the museums commented on how excellent thei0r behaviour was! Well done Year 2!

IMG 2328     IMG 2261     010    001

Year 5...

Year 5 enjoyed an experience day learning about the Vikings. They all dressed up and took part in different learning experiences that allowed them to gain a greater depth of understanding about a topic that happened a very long time ago!