Our RE ethos at Leiston Primary school...

We base our teaching and learning style in RE on the key principle that good teaching in RE allows children both to learn about religious traditions and to reflect on what the religious ideas and concepts mean to them. Our teaching enables children to extend their own sense of values, and promotes their spiritual growth and development. We encourage children to think about their own views and values in relation to the themes and topics studied in the RE curriculum.

Children carry out research into religious topics through the use of “big” (enquiry) questions which forces them to delve deeper. They study particular religious faiths and also compare the religious views of different faith groups on topics such as rites of passage or festivals. Children investigate religious and moral issues either individually or in groups.


Long Term plan for Religious education

Religious education policy

Links to support your child at home with their Religious Education


Information and quizzes about Islam  http://www.islamkids.org/contents.html



Religious education in Early years. 

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Reception used the Easter story as a stimulus for their learning using the big Question - Why do Christian's put a cross on the Easter garden? They learnt the words crucifixion and resurrection and what these meant. They explored the Easter story, acting it our, watching clips of key parts, reading the story and  questioned what happened and why.

In their child lead play children chose to make representations of crosses.


Religious education in Key Stage One. 

Religious Education in Key Stage Two.