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English -  This term we are using the Power of Reading text ‘Shackleton's Journey' by William Grill, as our stimulus to develop our writing skills.


So far, we have:

  • Analysed the front cover, noticing and discussing similarities, differences and patterns.  
  • Written recounts of eventful and memorable journeys we have been on. 
  • Analysed the book introduction in order to make inferences and draw conclusions about Shackleton's characteristics, in addition to noting key facts about his life. 
  • Carried out research to discover what life was like in 1914; the year Shackleton's perilous expedition began. 
  • Each taken on the individual role of a crew member and researched who they were and what their job role entailed. This information provided us with the knowledge needed to write fact files for our crew-members. 


During the rest of this term, we will continue reading the text in order to support the development of our writing skills, which will include: 

  • Writing a CV/personal statement in role. 
  • Role play as interviewers, and applicants hoping to gain a job aboard The Endurance. 
  • Making good luck charms to gift to a crew member. 
  • Role play and writing in role whilst imagining they are saying goodbye to a member of the crew - resulting in the writing of 'bon voyage' cards. 
  • Exploring an illustration and writing poetry. 
  • Writing motivational speeches. 
  • Writing letters offering advice. 
  • Writing playscripts. 
  • Writing newspaper reports. 
  • Writing quotes. 
  • Making a book trailer. 


* BBC Bitesize is a fantastic, easy to access resource for use at home should your child want further practise with any element of our English learning.


Writing mats to help us 'up-level' our work: