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Welcome to Chameleon Class!

Welcome to Chameleon Class


I'm your teacher, Mr Lister. Find out a little bit more about me by clicking on my profile below:


Year 5 Long Term Overview

English / Writing 

This term we have launched into the magically marvellous world of Harry Potter! We have crafted our own magic wands, incorporating natural things we were drawn to in our woodland area. After immersing ourselves in the wizarding world, we received personal invitations to Hogwarts and created watercolour art based on illustrations of Magic Schools. Children have been writing diary entries as Harry, desperately trying to receive his invitation as well as enchanting setting descriptions of Diagon Alley. We have also been role playing as Hagrid and Harry to inspire writing and extend vocabulary. 






In Maths, we have been catching up with lots of different objectives and investigations. The children have been on an angle hunt around the school, practiced timestables through song and have been learning strategies for problem solving. 

Some children have been measuring and finding groups of things in real life. (see below)

We have also been looking at fractions, decimals and percentages. 

See if you can complete the problem below, using the digit cards. There is more than one answer! 



For Science this term, we have been looking at animals and living things. We have been out exploring in mother nature, observing how insects interact with flowers and help them to reproduce. We have dissected flowers to see each tiny part with a unique role to play. 

We have also been investigating and planning our own investigations based on questions we had! 



This term we have been exploring the movement of the Suffragettes and what life was like in the 19th Century. The children have loved hot seating, answering questions in role as a Suffragette or person against the Suffragettes. As part of our whole school oracy and vocabulary focus, we have held debates and decided once and for all if women should get the vote! 

We have also been looking at the major continents and countries in the world. The children have been researching and are also in the process of making paper mache globes to help practice continents and countries! 

As part of Geography, we have created our own paper plate Water Cycles!


Pupil Voice - It matters!

Excitingly, we have launched our new Pupil voice scheme. Each week, the whole class will hold discussions and debates about a topic relevant to the school or the world at that time. Recently, we spoke about the best ways to actively be against bullying and children recorded their thoughts and ideas about this. This is then edited into our very own Pupil voice show which the whole school watches and then decides on what action is needed from what is expressed by the pupils. It has proved very interesting and children loved getting to be on camera and having their say. We will continue with different, thought provoking topics and questions. 

Some of Year 5 even starred in a role play scene about bullying to set the scene. 

PE kits / Music instruments 


Children will have PE on a Friday afternoon. This means children can come to school in their PE kits in the morning. Alternatively, they can bring their PE and change in school. 

Due to this, Golden time has been moved to a Monday afternoon for 30 minutes to make up for this. 


Children will have a music session on Thursday morning. This means that they must bring their instrument. They should be stored neatly underneath where coat and bag pegs are. 

Please look after the instruments and ensure they have a clear name tag that is not going to fall off or be damaged easily. 

Please ensure your child does have their instrument every week as this is a fantastic opportunity that children will not want to "sit out" on.