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Leiston Primary School

Orang-utans - Mr Cordice

Welcome to Orang-utan Class


These majestic creatures are one of a kind - just like the members of our class.
Here on the Orang-utan page, you will find lots of news and information about our class. Please do check back regularly for updates.

Who will teach us?
I am your class teacher, Mr Cordice, and we are very lucky to be supported by Mrs Rolph. Mrs Hammond and Mrs Wilson will teach you when I am out of class on Monday afternoons for planning time, and Mr Calver will teach you PE.

If you would like to find out more about me, you can by clicking my profile link below.  

What will we learn this term?
English -  This term we are using the text ‘Cosmic’ as our stimulus to produce some pieces of work that will be out of this world. So far we have enjoyed a virtual rollercoaster; discussed the main character, Liam Digby, who is a 12 year old boy that gets up to lots of mischief because he looks a bit like an adult; and explored character's emotions. This term we will recap story and narrative writing, focusing particularly on punctuation, sentence structure and direct speech.

Maths - In Maths, we will be working on our knowledge of place value which is an important step to understanding all aspects of maths. This will be followed by the four methods - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Science/Topic – Our topic this term is titled, 'Out of this World' which will see us explore Earth and Space. We will research the Planets in our solar system, identify the phases of the moon, understand why we have day and night and investigate any key questions the children would like answered.

Art/Dt - This term we are going to study the artist Peter Thorpe. Peter Thorpe is an abstract artist who creates space art from unused paint.

Computing – In computing we will become code breakers and cryptographers and look into the mysterious world of codes and code breaking.

Music and drama – this year or music lessons will be provided by Suffolk music service where we will be learning to play the guitar.

French - Salute Gustave! We will learn to greet people and give personal information, talk about siblings, say what people have and have not using 'avoir' and say what people are like. 

What do I need to remember and on which days? 
PE: Please wear your PE kit into school every Monday and ensure that every item of clothing and your trainers/plimsolls are clearly named.

Pencil case: Whilst pencil cases are a lovely possession, we provide all of the necessary equipment that the children will need so we ask that children do not bring in a pencil case.  

Water bottle: Please bring in a named water bottle (filled with water only please). You will keep this on your desk and refill it from our class tap if needed during the day. 

Homework: Homework will be given to you each Friday, and you will need to send it back via seesaw or in homework books, with each element completed fully, on the following Thursday.
Please do remember that you are welcome to complete your homework during lunchtimes - I am always more than happy to help and support you with it. 

Your homework includes: 
• Reading 5 times a week to an adult, sibling or even a pet! (15 minutes)
Reading can include all types of books, newspapers, magazines, comics - hard copies or online!
You will have some questions to use with your reading text; please use these to discuss what you are reading with your listener. 
• Daily times table practice (5 minutes) 
You are expected to learn and be able to recall your times tables and division facts to 12, as this really does help you with all of the other areas of Maths. Please continue to try and beat yours and others’ score on TTRockstars.

• Daily spellings (5 minutes) 
In school we will be learning a spelling rule on Friday's then these will be sent home for you to practice with a task so you are able to practice them in different ways.
• Maths, English and Reading tasks
We will set various tasks linked to the Maths, English and Reading Comprehension which we are covering in class. Completing these will help to reinforce your learning, and also help you get to grips with any aspects which you might find particularly challenging. 
More about me!

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