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Orangutans - Mr Cordice

Welcome to Peregrine Falcon Class



Why are we peregrine falcons? 

Because like falcons, we are quick to adapt, resilient, and are loyal to our class team.


We will be exploring more information about these record-breaking birds during our first week back. 


Here on the peregrine falcon page, you will find lots of news and information about our class, in addition to links to learning. Please do check back regularly for updates.


Who will teach us?


I am your class teacher, Mr Cordice, and we are very lucky to be supported by Mrs Fryer. Mrs Fisher and Mrs Wilson will teach you when I am out of class on Friday afternoons for planning time, and Mr Calver will teach you PE. Most of you are already familiar with us all from your time in Year 5; we are all delighted at continuing to share your learning journey through Year 6 (the most exciting year of all!) 

If you are new to our wonderful school community, you can find out more about me by clicking my profile link below.  


What will we learn in Summer?


English -  This term we are using the text ‘Harry Potter’ as our stimulus to produce some magical pieces of work. So far we have received and replied to our Hogwarts acceptance letters; written our own chapters; designed, made and described our own wizarding wands; researched and created our own coat of arms; used our senses to describe Diagon Alley and written diary entries from the perspective of the young wizard. We have many more opportunities which will include: writing and concocting our own potions; exploring the world of fantastic beasts and writing non chronological reports to inform; and we will be writing explanation texts to help muggles understand the game ‘Quidditch’.


Maths - In Maths, we are using White Rose and the Ready to Progress documents to ensure children cover all of the necessary objectives. These objectives will give our pupils the best possible transition to high school.


Science – We have been lucky enough to be selected for the Science Crest Awards where the children will complete 10 hours of science activities to receive an award. The enquiry based investigation provide our children with a problem that they will need to find a solution to by using their scientific vocabulary and reasoning.


Topic – Our topic for this term will see us identifying countries, capitals and continents.


Art/Dt - This term we are going to design and create Harry Potter tote bags using screen printing to decorate them and we will add a zip to increase functionality. 


Computing – In computing we will be using online software to develop our programming, and debugging skills when coding.


Music and drama – We are excited to announce that this year we will be performing our end of year performance at Leiston Film Theatre. Our children have already begun to practice singing, dancing and miming their lines. We look forward to welcoming you to watch this foot tapping, thigh slapping and hand clapping play.


French - Salute Gustave! We will learn to greet people and give personal information, talk about siblings, say what people have and have not using 'avoir' and say what people are like. 


What will our typical school week be like? 


Once we are all settled in, we will get back to our normal timetable of learning, with Reading Workshop, English and Maths each morning. Our afternoons will be busy with all of our various subjects - Science, History/Geography, Art/DT, PSHE, RE, French, Computing and Music. 


What do I need to remember and on which days? 


PE: Please wear your PE kit into school every Monday and Wednesday morning. ensure that every item of clothing and your trainers/plimsolls are clearly named.

Pencil case: Please bring in a named pencil case. This will remain in school on your desk. Contents may include: black handwriting pen, wipe-board pen, writing pencil, sharpener, rubber, colouring pencils, felt tips, ruler, glue stick, scissors. Please do not worry if you don't have any of these items - we will have them in class. PLEASE DO NOT include more items than you actually need, nor items which might distract us from our learning, such as scented pens and rubbers, humongous sharpeners, or toys! 

Water bottle: Please bring in a named water bottle (filled with water only please). You will keep this on your desk and refill it from our class tap if needed during the day. 


Homework: Homework will be given to you each Friday, and you will need to send it back via seesaw, with each element completed fully, on the following Thursday.

Please do remember that you are welcome to complete your homework during lunchtimes or before school - I am always more than happy to help and support you with it. 


Your homework includes: 


  • Daily reading to an adult, sibling or even a pet! (15 minutes)


Reading can include all types of books, newspapers, magazines, comics - hard copies or online!

You will have some questions to use with your reading text; please use these to discuss what you are reading with your listener. 


If you are a member of Suffolk Libraries, you can access eBooks, audio books, magazines and newspapers online for free! If you are not a member, then join today!


Listening to other people reading also helps you to develop a love of reading, and become a skilled reader, writer and communicator. You can listen to various celebrities reading a wide range of books here:



  • Daily times table practice (5 minutes) 


You are expected to learn and be able to recall your times tables and division facts to 12, as this really does help you with all of the other areas of Maths. Please continue to try and beat yours and others’ score on TTRockstars.

This website is a great place to do five minutes of daily practise -


  • Daily spellings (5 minutes) 


I know that many of you loved your weekly spelling tests last year as you really saw how much they helped you to improve. We will therefore continue with them this year so that we can keep on identifying and sharing little tricks to help us with remembering those 'tricky' ones!


There is a link further down this page which will take you to a copy of all of the words we will know by the end of the year.  


This is a link to a website with some free spelling games:



  • Maths, English and Reading tasks


We will set various tasks linked to the Maths, English and Reading Comprehension which we are covering in class. Completing these will help to reinforce your learning, and also help you get to grips with any aspects which you might find particularly challenging. 


BBC Bitesize is an excellent resource which has fun videos and interactive games and quizzes to help you with different aspects of each area of learning. You can find the links below. 


English (including SPaG/Reading and Writing)




You can also do a specific Google search for what you need, for example: 'BBC Bitesize KS2 fractions' will take you straight to all of the learner guides and clips for fractions.


Year 6 Team

Year 6 Writing Mat