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Leiston Primary School

Panda Ants - Mrs Childs

Welcome to Panda Ants

Hello and welcome to the Nursery's Panda ants Class. I am Mrs Childs the class teacher, and I work alongside Miss Chatten-Berry our experienced Early years practitioner. As part of our daily routines your children will get the opportunity to work with both of us in a range of child led and adult focus play. 



Summer Term...


Our topic this term is Our Garden.


Through this topic the children shall be given opportunities to plant seeds such as beans, sunflowers and cress.  


We shall be learning to:

  • use our senses to explore natural materials
  • explore collections of natural materials
  • talk about what we see, using a wide vocabulary
  • plant seeds and care for growing plants
  • begin to develop an understanding of the lifecycle of a plant


Sharing Books have also been sent home this term so that the children can share a nursery book with an adult at home.  These will be changed weekly so the children will be able to enjoy a range of stories with their adults at home.  Please keep the books safe and return them each week so that your child can collect a new one to bring home.


Spring term...


This half term our topic is "Nursery rhymes". 


This will allow the children to develop their communication and lanuagae skills. They will be exploring new vocabulary and rhyme and how these are used to tell rhymes. 


We will be learning...

  • To enjoy listening to longer stories, remembering much of what happens.

  • Using  a wider range of vocabulary. 

  • Sing a large repertoire of songs. 

  • To recite rhymes

  • Understand position through words alone – for example, “The bag is under the table,” – with no pointing. 

  • Make comparisons between objects relating to size, length, weight and capacity. 

  • Begin to describe a sequence of events, real or fictional, using words such as ‘first’, ‘then...

  • Spot and suggest rhymes 

  • Count or clap syllables in a word 

Autumn term...


This half term our topic is "Being me in our world". 

This will allow the children to explore who they are as individuals and as a group, finding out lots of things about their new friends in class, and the locality we live in. 


We will be learning...

  • To name some emotions and how theses make us feel. 
  • Too take turns and share. 
  • To listen for a short time to a story
  • To join in with some action songs and Nursery rhymes
  • To join in with our new routines and the expectations in class. 
  • To have fun whilst we learn.
  • Where we live and what amenities we have.
  • Who is in our family.
  • What we can do to keep our body healthy.  

Our class page will be updated regularly throughout each term, so please be sure to check often for any updates, information or photographs of our learning.


Key information about the school week:



Please share stories every day at home with your child/ children. Reading every day exposes children to a wider variety of stories and texts and  helps them develop their vocabulary.  Reading rhyming stories and the oral retelling of Nursery rhymes has the added bonus of helping children to identify rhyme which is a key skill when they come to read and write words independently.  So please read, read, read as often as you can! Also, and just as important, talk about what you have read together.  This will help your child to understand the story and its features.  Questions you could ask include: 

  • Where does the story take place?

  • What is happening in the picture?

  • Who are the characters in the story?

  • How is the character feeling?

  • What do you think will happen next?

  • What happened in the story?

  • How does the story make you feel?



Personal belongings, spare clothes and water bottles:

Please ensure that all children's belongings are named so that any misplaced items can be returned to your child. Please ensure that your child has a clearly labelled water bottle. Your child will have free flow access to the outdoor area so we ask that your child has appropriate clothing for the weather (coats in the winter and hats in the summer). We also ask that your child leaves any toys at home. 


Teaching and Learning:

In the Early Years Foundation Stage, there are 7 areas of learning:

  • Communication and language

  • Physical development

  • Personal, social and emotional development

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Understanding the world

  • Expressive arts and design

The prime areas are in bold and are the areas considered fundamental. Please see the  Development Matters in the link below for more information: 


Teaching and learning is through a mixture of adult focus and child led learning  throughout the day.  We will have a daily counting session and then a range of activities which are wherever possible, based on our topic or theme. 


Through a variety of activities we will give children the opportunity to develop communication skills encouraging children to listen and comment on things they see and explain what they are doing.  We will help develop pre-writing and fine motor skills through activities that develop hand -eye coordination and hand strength such as working with playdough, painting, using different construction materials and cutting. 

Children are encouraged to develop their own learning through play and Continuous provision activities. We plan the environment carefully to ensure that the provision provides challenge and meets the needs of your child. There will be invitations for learning, set up by adults and linked to the topic, but your child will also have have the ability to direct their own play. Playful adults will play alongside your child, introducing new language, providing challenge and making online assessments.