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Science - This year, we are using the 'explore, engage, extend' approach to elicit our scientific knowledge and understanding. This means that at the start of each topic, the children identify what they already know and what they would like to know. Following on from this, they then work collaboratively to plan how to meet their learning objectives. 


Our topic this term is 'Space and Earth'. The children decided that they wanted to learn the names and order of the planets (both size and distance from the sun) in our solar system. They went on to make papier mache planets - scaled to size - and created a class display to show their positions from the sun (again, using scaled measurements). 


The children have now identified their own next steps for exploration with the question: How does the rotation of Earth affect day and night? 

They are looking forward to implementing their plans to discover the answer, which will result in a demonstration using their papier mache planets and Earth's Moon.