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Spider Monkey - Mr Burch

Welcome to the Spider Monkey Class!

Spider Monkey class is taught by Mr Burch and supported by the wonderful teaching assistant Mrs Heath. Our year 1/2 teaching team also includes Miss Jordan and Miss Storey, who will sometimes be teaching you in different lessons and groups.


On this page you will find lots of information about what we are learning and useful links to support you. 



What are we learning this term

In this document you will find all the exciting things we will are learning this term. 

Home-learning Support Information




Year 1


In Maths we will be continuing to follow the ‘White Rose’ scheme of work. This focuses on developing reasoning and fluency techniques. Every Maths lesson will begin with some form of counting. This term our counting will focus on counting forwards and backwards within 100, starting for various starting points i.e. 37-84. We will also begin to count in 2s and 10s. 


Over the Autumn 2 term we will be working towards being able to add and subtract within 20 as well as continuing to develop our understanding of place value within 20. To support your child find manipulatives around your home and practise adding them together, i.e. find 5 cars and 3 teddies can you add them together, writing down the sum and then find the total? 


Year 2


We follow the ‘White Rose’ scheme of work for year 2 maths. This can be found online easily following this link:

The children are learning number bonds to 20, using Numicon and also drawing sticks and stones (sticks represent number of tens and stones represent ones). The children will move on to adding 2-digit numbers together. For multiplication and division, year 2 children need to be able to count in 2s, 5s, 10s and 3s. They will need to solve both multiplication and division problems using these times tables. You can practice counting using objects from around your house (pasta, stones, toy cars etc) or perhaps you can use objects from your garden or the park. 




Year 1: 


This term we are using descriptive language to describe Autumn. We are writing simple sentences with adjectives (Describing words) to build sentences. We are reading the book ‘Sweep’ for inspiration. We have also been outside for inspiration wandering through the school woodland. 

We are then moving on to reading a non-fiction book called ‘A Winter’s Sleep: A hibernation story’. The children are going to learn facts about wildlife hibernating and create an illustrated information book. 


Year 2:


This term we are reading the book ‘Sweep’ and writing descriptions about Autumn. We have looked at images of weather, trees and wildlife for inspiration. The children are writing full sentences using ‘expanded noun phrases’ (adjective, adjective noun) with some really interesting adjectives. We are then moving on to reading a non-fiction book called ‘A Winter’s Sleep: A hibernation story’. The children are going to learn facts about wildlife hibernating and create an illustrated information book. The children will be writing a range of sentences, including statements, commands, questions and also exclamation sentences. The children will learn how to write contracted words and use these appropriately in sentences. 




Please see the website below for daily ‘Read. Write. Inc.’ phonics videos. 


This term we have been learning about Queen Elizabeth I. In this second half of Autumn Term, we are going to be learning about the Great Fire of London. We will discuss how the fire started, why the fire spread so quickly, how the fire eventually stopped. We will discuss the lessons we have learned from the Great Fire of London. Leading up to Christmas, we will be teaching the children about how to be safe with fire and read the book ‘Mog’s Christmas Calamity’. This book was used as the Christmas Sainsbury’s advert some years ago! 


In Computing we are continuing to develop our basic skills, using a trackpad, typing skills etc. This term we will be creating a digital christmas card, experimenting with using different fonts, colours and copying and pasting images into our e-card. 

In Art we are drawing Autumn leaves and using different drawing tools, such as pencil, pen, charcoal and inks. We are working towards drawing detailed images of birds and making a 3D sculpture using wire, foam board and collaged paper.