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Leiston Primary School

Nursery - Mrs Childs

Welcome to Dragonfly Class...

Hello and welcome to the Nursery's Dragonfly Class. I am Mrs Childs the class teacher, and I work alongside Miss Chatten-Berry our experienced Early years practitioner, Mrs Ellis, and Miss Beesley, together we form the Nursery Team.  As part of our daily routines your children will get the opportunity to work with all of us in a range of child led and adult focus play. 



Key Information about Leiston Primary School Nursery:


Our Nursery sessions run between 8:30 - 3:30


A 3 hour morning session: 8:30- 11:30


A lunch session 11:30-12:30 (There is an additional charge for these sessions). Parents will need to provide their child with a packed lunch and pay £1.75 for a lunch session or purchase a school meal for £4.20, this includes a school meal and the lunch session. 


A 3 hour afternoon session: 12:30-3:30


Further information about our Nursery can be found by following the link below...


Personal belongings, spare clothes and water bottles:

Please ensure that all children's belongings are named so that any misplaced items can be returned to your child. Please ensure that your child has a clearly labelled water bottle. Your child will have free flow access to the outdoor area so we ask that your child has appropriate clothing for the weather (coats in the winter and hats in the summer). We also ask that your child leaves any toys at home. 


Spring Term


Well back and a warm welcome to our new Nursery children who have joined us this term.


Over this term will we continue to build on the children's interests as well as introducing the learning theme...


I wonder what happens next... 


The possible lines of learning enquiry that we shall explore are:

  • nursery rhymes
  • traditional tales
  • winter time
  • transport
  • celebrations such as Shrove Tuesday, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Chinese New Year and Easter.


Our end goals this term is for the children to:

  • To record and perform a nursery rhyme.
  • To design a mode of transport and build it using construction materials.


Sharing Books

The children and the parents who were with us last term will know that we have a Sharing Book that the children to take home and share with their adult at home. The books will be changed weekly so the children will be able to enjoy a range of stories with their adults at home. Please keep the books safe and return them each week so that your child can collect a new one to bring home.


In addition your children have name cards, please support your child at home with recognising their own name.


Learning Intentions from our Early Years Curriculum...


Communication and Language

  • Joins in with repeated refrains and anticipates key events and phrases in rhymes and stories
  • Is beginning to use more complex sentences to link thoughts (e.g. using and, because)

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:

  • Can usually tolerate delay when needs are not immediately met, and understands wishes may not always be met
  • Begins to accept the needs of others and can take turns and share resources, sometimes with support from others

Physical Development

  • Dresses with help, e.g. puts arms into open-fronted coat or shirt when held up, pulls up his/her own trousers, and pulls up zipper once it is fastened at the bottom
  • Uses one-handed tools and equipment, e.g. makes snips in paper with child scissors


  • Body Percussion
  • Blending and Segmenting
  • Rhythm and Rhyme
  • Alliteration
  • Voice Sounds
  • Blending and Segmenting
  • Environment Sounds


  • Listens to and joins in with stories and poems, one-to-one and also in small groups
  • Sometimes gives meaning to marks as he/she draws and paint


  • Develop fast recognition of up to 3 objects without having to count them individually.

  • Show finger numbers for up to 5.

  • Say one number for each item in order, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

  • Know that the last number reached when counting a small set of objects tells you how many there are in total.

  • Link numerals and amounts (up to 5).

  • Experiment with their own symbols and marks as well as numerals

  • Talk about and explore 2D and 3D shapes using informal and mathematical language

  • Recite numbers past 5

  • Know that the last number reached when counting a small set of objects tells you how many there are in total.

  • Link numerals and amounts (up to 5).

  • Make comparisons between objects relating to size, length, weight and capacity

Understanding the World

  • Shows an interest in technological toys with knobs or pulleys, or real objects such as cameras or mobile phones
  • Talks about why things happen and how things work

Expressive Arts and Design

  • Sings a few familiar songs
  • Understands that he/she can use lines to enclose a space, and then begin to use these shapes to represent objects

Key dates this term:

Friday 9th February at 2:45pm (please come to the school office), you are invited to come and share favourite books with the children.


Wednesday 14th February: 'wear what you love' day


Monday 19th - Friday 23rd February: HALF TERM


Friday 22nd March: Non-uniform for chocolate donations for Easter hampers


Monday 25th March: Easter Hamper Draw


Thursday 28th March: Last day of term


Monday 15th April: School reopens after the Easter Holidays