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Maths in the Early Years


White Rose Maths is used to provide your child with a secure understanding of both number and space, shape and measure. By the end of Reception, your child should be able to:

- count objects, actions and sounds

- subitise (recognise number of objects without having to count them)

- link numerals and and values

- count beyond 10

- compare numbers, using vocabulary 'more than', 'less than', 'fewer', 'the same as' and 'equal to'

- understand 'one more than/one less than'

- exploring composition of numbers to 10

- recalling number bonds for numbers 0-10

- select, rotate and manipulate shapes

- compose and decompose shapes to understand a shape can have other shapes within it

- continue, copy and create repeating patterns

- compare length, weight and capacity


Useful Links


National Numeracy - expert advice on supporting maths


Top Marks - games to support learning across the curriculum but particularly useful for maths