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Pupil Voice

See below what our children think of History and Geography at Leiston Primary school...



Enjoyment and Understanding:


Darcy Year 5- "I loved doing Victorians and we were given old fashioned names and did jobs that they used to do".


Caleb Year 6- " I remember an engaging lesson where we made Egyptian death masks with paper mache". 


Mason Year 6- " I enjoyed doing our class assembly all about the Egyptians so parents could see".


Joshua Year 4- I really liked it when we made pottery and our parents came in to help".


Elouise Year 3- When we went to Sizewell beach and had to help the planet and pick up plastic".




Niamh "It gives an idea of what the world was like before us".


Darcy "It is important to know about the past and see differences and how people used to live".


Mason " To learn about the world around us".


Caleb Year 3- "To make us smart like Albert Einstein!"


Elouise- "Help us learn about the past and how we've evolved".



Enjoyment and Understanding:


Thea- "I remember learning in Geography about Leiston and the towns and cities in the UK and that was interesting".


Otis "I've enjoyed leaning about the Jubilee and writing Poems"


Thomas "I liked learning about the kings and queens".





Otis "Because it is fun to learn new things"


Thea "Because I want to be an Archeologist and you need to know how to read maps to find places like the pyramids"


Thomas "To learn lots and get nice jobs"