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Leiston Primary School


“Mistakes and challenges are the best time for your brain to grow.” Jo Boaler




The National Curriculum for mathematics aims to ensure that all pupils:  


Become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics.

Reason mathematically by following a line of enquiry.

Can solve problems by applying their mathematics.


At Leiston Primary School, we aim to embed these skills through the White Rose Schemes of learning which follow the mastery approach. We want to prepare our pupils for mathematics in the wider world and ensure that they are able to apply their mathematical skills and knowledge to a range of different contexts. We are committed to providing the children with enjoyable challenges which develops their resilience, determination and curiosity for lifelong mathematical encounters. 




The White Rose Scheme of learning allows pupils to engage with fluency, problem solving, and reasoning questions. Children across all key stages are taught to use concrete, pictorial and abstract methods to support their learning and classroom displays reflect this. All our classrooms are well-resourced and, where possible, pupils are encouraged to use the manipulatives on offer within lessons.


At the beginning of a new unit, children are exposed to the vocabulary they will use during the unit, and these are displayed to support children during group work, class discussions and answering reasoning questions. Teachers have high expectations of all children and differentiation is achieved through varying levels of support, the breaking down of challenges and intervention. Children working at ‘Greater Depth’ have the opportunity to deepen their understanding through questioning and open ended investigations. 


To support children with the Multiplication Tables check, children have access to TTRockstars. Children, and staff, are able to compete against one another for times table rock hero status whilst revising their times table knowledge. 15 minute daily arithmetic sessions are taught across all year groups. This time is also used for same day or  pre-teaching interventions and therapies. At Leiston primary, we believe practice and consolidation builds fluency and a deeper understanding of arithmetic and mathematical concepts.




At Leiston, there are many ways we could show the impact our maths curriculum has on pupils. From whole school maths days; curriculum enrichment days; to our successful Enterprise Week. Pupils feel supported in their mathematical journey and are encouraged to challenge themselves. Our children are curious and believe maths is fun due to the challenges and activities we provide here. Our wide range of resources means children are able independently select and use the correct manipulatives to support their learning.


When we return in March 2021, teachers will use summative and formative assessments to identify gaps of pupils that would have occurred during our successful remote learning provision. We will use this information to develop interventions and therapies to ensure our children make the essential progress we expect.


"Maths used to be one of my worst subjects, but now it is one of my favourites because I love all of the challenges and activities," Millie (Year 6).

Maths Long Term Plan