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Leiston Primary School

Who's Who

Meet the staff...


Chief Executive Officer for Avocet Academy Trust

Mrs C Singleton



Mrs M Geater

Assistant Heads of School

Mrs M Chadwick

Mrs L Melton 


Teaching Staff


Mrs L Childs (EYFS Leader/Senior Leadership Team)

Mrs C Miller (currently on maternity leave)
Miss Chatten-Berry (Nursery Nurse)

Reception Team

Miss Y Otter (NEU Rep)/ Miss L Kinrade
Ms J Wright

Year 1 and Year 2 Team (KS1)

Miss G Wells

Miss J Parish 

Miss G Sparks

Mr M Burch

Miss F Brown

Miss A Jordan 
Miss A Storey 

Year 3 and Year 4 Team (Lower KS2)

Miss C Robertson/Mrs S Loxley

Miss S Gissing

Mrs H Daynes (English leader/Senior Leadership Team)


Year 5 and Year 6 Team (Upper KS2)

Miss B Robertson - Year 5
Mr D Cordice (Maths Lead/Senior Leadership Team) - Year 5
Ms C Hall - Year 6
Mrs L Kindred (Intervention Teacher)

Inclusion Team

Special Educational Needs

Mrs M Chadwick (Assistant Head of School/SENDCo)
Mrs B Wilson (THRIVE Practitioner/Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)


Attendance and Safeguarding Officer

Miss H Cornwell


Family Liaison Officer

Mrs H Hammond (THRIVE Practitioner)


Support Staff


Mrs H Hammond
Mrs B Wilson


Support Staff

Mrs J Dale
Mrs T Edwards
Mrs S Fisher
Mrs T Fryer
Mrs Z Golding
Mrs C Meadows
Mrs G Rolph
Mrs S Linsell
Miss M Stebbings
Mrs C Heath (currently on maternity leave)

Miss J Golding

Mrs M George

Mrs S Rouse

Mrs A Clarke

Miss M Peachey


Office Team

Mrs W Holgate (Finance Officer)
Mrs L Pegg (Administrative Assistant)
Mrs N Legh-Smith (DPO and Compliance Officer for Avocet Academy Trust)

Mrs M Rodwell (HR for Avocet Academy Trust based at Wickham Market Primary School)



Mr Andrew Kirkman

Kitchen/Midday Supervising Staff

Ms S Niven - Cook
Mrs G Sanders - Assistant Cook
Miss K Le Grys - Assistant Cook
Mrs V Foreman
Mrs D Cosgrove
Miss L Bailey