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Leiston Primary School


Our Science Curriculum 




The National Curriculum for science aims to ensure that all pupils:  


-Develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding

-Develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science - answering scientific questions through different types of scientific enquiry

-Understand the uses and implications of science


At Leiston Primary School, we are committed to nurturing confident scientists with inquisitive minds and critical thinking skills. We believe that this is best achieved by encouraging all pupils to be curious, ask their own scientific questions and lead their own investigations. As a school we are passionate about providing practical, memorable experiences in science to inspire future scientists and equip our pupils with the vocabulary, knowledge and skills to fulfil their potential. 

Science at Leiston Pupil Voice and Work

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At Leiston Primary School, all teachers foster positive attitudes towards science learning and have high expectations for pupils' outcomes. Continuous progression is at the heart of our science curriculum and is mapped out in the progression tracker and medium term plans. Medium term plans outline the key learning and vocabulary to ensure consistent progression and high expectations across the school. All teachers understand the importance of pupils experiencing all enquiry types and plan regular opportunities for:

  • Observation over time

  • Pattern seeking

  • Identifying and classifying

  • Comparative and fair testing

  • Research 

Teachers adopt a 'plan, do, review' approach to planning to ensure that pupils develop confidence in a range of working scientifically skills, with independence increasing with age. Teachers make formal assessments at the end of every topic, identifying specific children 'working towards' and 'working above' the National Curriculum objectives. This allows pupils requiring challenge and/or additional support to be easily identified and appropriate measures put in place to ensure that every pupil makes good progress in science. 


At Leiston, we believe that broadening experiences is vital to raising aspirations and our pupils' science capital for them to pursue science based careers. Therefore, we offer a wide variety of enrichment opportunities. Links with local businesses such as EDF and BT provide unique opportunities for pupils to experience science related industries first hand. We also work closely with the Ogden Trust, who support staff training, resourcing and science related visits. Work with the Primary Science Teaching Trust has enabled our current Year 6 pupils to complete CREST awards as part of our recovery curriculum and to support their transition to high school. 


Pupil perceptions coming soon...

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Science Week 2023


We celebrated British Science Week in March.  The theme of this year's British Science Week was 'Connections.' The children came into school wearing 'lab coats' (old, oversized shirts/t-shirts). These were left in school all week and used for practicals.


Year 3 volcano experiment





Year 6 CREST Awards


Year 6 have been busy collecting stickers for their Superstar Passports as they work towards their CREST Awards.


Pattern Seeking 

Investigating Murphy's Law - Does toast always land butter side down?