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Leiston Primary School


Our Science Curriculum 




The National Curriculum for science aims to ensure that all pupils:  


-Develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding

-Develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science - answering scientific questions through different types of scientific enquiry

-Understand the uses and implications of science


At Leiston Primary School, our vision is to nurture confident scientists with inquisitive minds and critical thinking skills. Our aim is to encourage all pupils to be curious, ask questions and develop scientific understanding by using different types of enquiry to answer their own questions. We are committed to delivering a science curriculum that is practical, purposeful and inspiring, with an aim to promote positive, long-term views of science in pupils and equip with them sufficient scientific knowledge and skills to pursue science-based careers and make informed decisions that promote their future health and wellbeing. 



The National Curriculum outlines the programme of study for primary science. At Leiston Primary School, our focus on practical enquiry provides memorable experiences that promote pupil engagement and raise aspirations. Curiosity is valued and pupils are encouraged to participate in discussions and ask questions. In line with the 'Loops of Learning' approach, scientific knowledge and working scientifically skills are regularly revisited, providing opportunities for mastery. Teachers are committed to developing pupils' language and pupils are expected to pronounce, read and write scientific vocabulary correctly. 


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