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Our Science Curriculum 




The National Curriculum for science aims to ensure that all pupils:  


-Develop scientific knowledge and conceptual understanding.

-Develop understanding of the nature, processes and methods of science - answering scientific questions through different types of scientific enquiry.

-Understand the uses and implications of science.


Pupils at Leiston Primary will learn how scientific theories are continually modified to take account of new evidence and ideas. They will grow to ask their own questions and develop a line of inquiry based on their own observations of the real world, which they will combine with their prior knowledge and experience.

The pupils will learn to make their own predictions and carry out experiments to test these by identifying variables and selecting apparatus. They will learn to take measurements using the appropriate units and learn to use this data to formulate conclusions, whilst identifying the potential sources of error. They will learn to make use of a variety of scientific calculations.


The pupils will develop interest, enthusiasm and curiosity for Science. They will acquire an understanding of different scientific concepts and skills. They will become critical, logical and reflective thinkers with enquiring minds. The pupils will learn to ask relevant questions and be able to formulate well thought out answers based on scientific theory. The curriculum ensures that pupils will know and remember the key information studied.




At Leiston Primary School, all teachers foster positive attitudes towards science learning and have high expectations for pupils' outcomes.  

The pupils learn about a variety of scientific theories and concepts. The order of these topics and the structure of the curriculum has been designed to allow pupils to have a deeper understanding of the scientific principles being taught. White Rose scheme of learning is used.

The pupils will learn a variety of scientific skills. These develop through the whole school, from the beginning of the primary section to the end of the secondary section. 

Our curriculum fully embraces and meets all the requirements of the National Curriculum and the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage, and enhances this according to the needs of our pupils. Regular planning sessions ensure coverage is thorough.



Teacher guiding of first practise supports pupils with new knowledge and skills when they first use it and ensures that misconceptions are immediately rectified.

Pupils are targeted for guiding based on the assessment information gleaned from lesson questioning and distance feedback.

Adaptive teaching enables pupils' focus on their precise next steps and practise what they most need to practise. Feedback, questioning and guiding allows the teacher to glean the assessment information necessary to plan this.

Teachers monitor and track development of skills and understanding of content and plan future learning accordingly.

Science at Leiston Pupil Voice and Work

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Science Week 2024


Our school transformed into a hub of discovery, creativity, and innovation. Each day was packed with thrilling science investigations that ignited curiosity and sparked imagination in our students.

They experienced the fusion of science and the arts with our unique "Science Through Art and Poetry" sessions, where students expressed scientific concepts through visual arts and creative writing, showcasing their understanding in beautifully crafted projects.

The excitement reached its peak on the final day with our spectacular Whole School Science Fair. Parents and families were invited to join us as our young scientists present their projects, experiments, and discoveries. This culminating event featured interactive exhibits, engaging demonstrations, and an opportunity for the entire school community to celebrate the amazing world of science together.

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