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Hummingbirds - Mrs. Shuttleworth

Meet the Year 6 Team:


Mrs. Shuttleworth and Mrs. Fisher


Welcome to Year 6

 We have been busy hummingbirds so far! All the children settled well and they are ready to begin their learning journey . We are positive this is going to be an amazing year with amazing achievements and great memories to create. 

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Year 6 LTP



Reading-Reading is required every day- at least 10 pages per day from the book given from school.

Spelling-Spelling words are given weekly. The children will be tested every week.

Children will also receive additional grammar tasks from time to time, depending on the learning progression.


Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tasks will be given weekly. These help students prepare for their SATs tests.

All children need to practise recalling their times tables.

They can do this here:


Other Subjects:

This year's home learning for Humanities (History/Geography), Science and Topic format encourages students to independently choose the tasks and complete them within the first half term period. The children can pick a task and then present it after the half term break. Additional house points are  given for completing more than one task.

Home learning project Autumn 2

Home Learning Project Spring 1