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Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice & Leadership


At Leiston, we believe that encouraging our pupils to participate in pupil leadership roles helps them to develop a range of personal skills and qualities along with benefiting the children and the wider school community.

There are many leadership opportunities for pupils to contribute to the life of our school. These include:

  • Learning Council
  • Eco-Warriors
  • Online Safety Ambassadors
  • Sports Leaders
  • Librarians
  • Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO)


Members of staff oversee each of the pupil leadership roles and follow an application process when appointing new pupil leaders. Regular meetings are held throughout the academic year so to continually develop and sustain a positive impact across the school and beyond.


Learning Council


At Leiston Primary School we believe in encouraging positive relationships between adults and pupils, and also amongst pupils themselves. We wish to give every child ‘a voice’ to share their opinions on their learning, their classroom and school environment and an opportunity to share any concerns they may have.


We have a Learning Council in place with democratically elected members from each class from Reception to Year 6. They meet regularly with leadership teams to discuss learning – what is working well, what they enjoy and how it could be even better. Matters discussed have been curriculum planning, impact of feedback and Science provision across the school.


On occasion a wider group of pupils may be sought to support a  'working party' approach alongside other members of the school community such as LAB members, staff and parents.


What do children say about our school?


March 2023: In recent pupil conversations some of our pupils were quoted as saying...


'Everyone is welcome at our school - we can learn from different people.' - Year 6 pupil


'Staff care about us and what us to do well.' - Year 3 pupil


'Our school is like home; we feel safe and supported.' - Year 4 pupil


'I want to be in school. The learning is fun and the teachers always make sure that they help us if we need it.' - Year 5 pupil


'I like Forest Schools - it is fun.' - Reception pupil